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Ultra-Mobile Lab Platforms

SoTeRIAM was born from a frustrating lack of products that facilitate the use of emerging, hand-held genomics and biosurveillance hardware where it is needed most -- at the point-of-sampling. The ability to extract biological information from a given environment has undergone substantial change in just the past 5 years. Some of the latest hardware designed for quantitative PCR, antibody and protein detection, and even genomic sequencing can easily fit in your coat pocket. The writing on the wall illustrates a future where advanced molecular diagnostics, biosurveillance, and forensic testing no longer requires transporting a sample back to a central reference laboratory. Samples can be processed on site, alleviating processing bottlenecks and dramatically reducing the time to acquire actionable results. However, this future has not yet been fully realized. Despite the footprint of the molecular hardware becoming remarkably small, the operational footprint of the work is not equally small. Ancillary equipment including; power supply, cold-chain storage, computational capacity, a stable workbench, biohazard waste disposal & containment strategies, biosafety equipment, etc. – all necessary for the effective use of the full complement of modern, hand-held genomics hardware – are capable of growing the operational footprint of these devices to sizes that are not reasonable to deploy on-site. SoTeRIAM was founded to design, build, and deliver purpose-built platforms that provide all the necessary operational equipment in human-centered, ultra-mobile laboratory environments such that rapid, reproducible deployment of advanced genomic technologies to field-forward locations is no longer strategically unfeasible.


At SoTeRIAM, we are continually looking to not only improve the user experience of existing third-party genomic hardware, but also develop our own platform systems for biological exploration through proprietary hardware, proprietary software, and exclusive partnerships. Each prospective use case for point-of-sampling genomic data comes with unique challenges for implementation of optimal solutions. Our core team, and network of partner organizations, includes expert microbial ecologists, bioinformaticians, industrial design engineers, materials scientists, UX developers, data scientists, and biomedical engineers. SoTeRIAM exists to bring this network to bear on the most challenging applications of field-forward biological explorations, infectious disease surveillance, and clinical diagnostic work. We approach each project with substantial background experience in such applications, but we are always eager to learn from our customer's own unique hardships associated with their working environment and collaborate with them to build novel products that will meet their needs...and those of researchers and professionals across the world that are looking to leverage genomics-based data in similar environments.


SoTeRIAM's roots are in applied microbial ecology, microbial forensics, and bioinformatics. Building platform systems to access biological data in hard-to-reach locales is much easier -- and ultimately, successful -- when your development team understands the biology of the microbes and viruses you are trying to query. We understand what makes looking for bacteria in soil vastly different from looking for viruses in wastewater...and we understand how those differences should manifest themselves in products designed for each task. Our leadership has over a decade of experience in applied microbial research -- from the bottom of the ocean, to low-Earth orbit. Our team, and our partner network, has decades of combined experience in developing user-friendly bioinformatics software for the U.S. Government and enterprise customers. Generating unique insights is reliant on dynamic, intuitive methods to explore your real time. Our team handles the back-end, so you can focus on generating actionable information on the front-end.

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